download - CopyIn June, BSK’s Ron Cascione and Ben Scungio had the opportunity to present to members of one of Rhode Island’s school committees on the topic of  “Building a Better Committee,”  as part of its professional development series. They identified ten warning signs that may mean a school committee is in trouble.

  1. Voting based on politics rather than the needs of students.
  2. Not supporting a board decision – after it is made.
  3. Responding to community discontent without first reviewing data
  4. Publically chastising district employees.
  5. Relying on expert advice without consulting staff.
  6. Ignoring the impact of change on the culture of the district.
  7. Not supporting district policy.
  8. Failing to foster positive relationships.
  9. Hiring a superintendent on a split vote.
  10.  Failing to personally disconnect from board decisions.

If these warning signs sound familiar, the attorneys at BSK can help. The education law team at BSK is comprised of a deep bench of seasoned attorneys who are known for their practical, problem-solving approach to resolve legal conflicts in a manner that achieves the best outcomes for all parties involved.

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