Welcome to BSK’s Unemployment Benefits Disputes Practice

We frequently represent clients who have filed a claim and been denied unemployment benefits by the State of Rhode Island and/or are receiving unemployment benefits and have been notified their former employer is challenging their benefits. These individuals have often been fired for alleged misconduct or voluntarily left their job. In many instances, workers think they may not be eligible because of the circumstances regarding their separation from employment.


With over 30 years’ experience in the area of unemployment benefits, our team is led by Ron Cascione. Ron is a former hearing officer with a decade of experience at the RI Department of Employment Security and the RI Department of Labor & Training where he decided unemployment appeals.


We represent and advocate for our clients at unemployment benefits hearings and appeals, and represent you in court if needed. Our clients pay no legal fee for these services; any legal fee is paid by the State of Rhode Island and does not reduce the award of benefits.

Practice Highlights
  • Helped a public works truck driver obtain unemployment benefits after he was terminated for misconduct, proving it was one isolated incident of poor judgement under the unemployment law.
  • Established that an executive left his job for good cause when laws changed which exposed him to personal liability and the company refused to provide him with insurance or indemnify him for personal loss; client was allowed to collect benefits after originally being denied.
  • Assisted a client who was initially denied benefits when her employer claimed she left to run a family business; on appeal, BSK attorneys proved that the employee left for good cause — based on recommendation of her physician to avoid job stress – and was awarded benefits.