Welcome to BSK’s Estate Planning & Administration Practice

Our estate planning and probate administration attorneys remain abreast of the current regulations and estate tax thresholds to preserve the wealth and protect the assets of our clients by minimizing potential tax liability and costs of administration.


Our estate planning and administration team works with clients of diverse income and age levels on issues of estate planning and elder law to craft a practical and long-term roadmap. Whether clients seek to save for retirement, providing education funding or plan for their own healthcare needs, we offer highly personalized advice for each client’s situation.


The federal government wants a bigger piece of the pie. But there are legal strategies to preserve some or all of your assets from the cost of nursing home care. Without proper planning, however, you may  lose the bulk of your savings.
The key to effective planning is do it while you are still healthy and can take a thoughtful approach to protect your assets. Planning in a crisis may dramatically limit your options and opportunities. For most individuals, the objective is to protect savings while simultaneously qualifying for nursing home Medicaid benefits. This can be legally accomplished within the rules of Medicaid eligibility.


We offer planning to avoid probate and legally transfer assets to designated beneficiaries. When probate administration is necessary, we strive to assist families in managing and completing the process without any unnecessary delay. As needed, we litigate probate issues including contested wills and guardianships. Our attorneys are frequent speakers on elder law issues including the impact of undue influence, incompetence and duress.

Practice Highlights
  • Worked with firm clients in a crisis planning matter to preserve almost half of their assets via gifting and, ultimately, to minimize dollars devoted to nursing home expenses.
  • Prepared a trust for a husband and wife to minimize and, in many instances, eliminate the RI estate tax and to maximize assets to pass down to children.