Welcome to BSK’s Divorce & Family Law Practice

We represent clients in all family law matters including divorce proceedings, premarital agreements, and post-divorce matters. We handle cases involving child custody, child support, visitation and placement issues, paternity, adoptions and other related matters.


We understand the emotional and sensitive issues of divorce and child custody including the disruption to all parties and, often, the dramatic changes in everyday life. We know that clients often seek – first and foremost – to understand how the process will work, how long it will take and what to expect.


We support and counsel our clients from the initial intake meeting through the end of the case. We help our clients resolve their legal issues in an efficient and effective manner. While we try to settle cases without the need for time-consuming and expensive litigation, we vigorously proceed to trial, utilizing the breadth and depth of our resources, where needed. Our overriding goal is to achieve the best results for our clients in all circumstances.

Practice Highlights
  • Represented the wife in a divorce case in which BSK attorneys negotiated an agreement where she retained the entire house to live with minor children with no equitable distribution to the husband.
  • Successful in getting our client sole custody and physical placement of minor children, extricating the children from an undesirable situation.
  • Represented a veteran in excluding a portion of extra years added to his pension, based on military service prior to his marriage, from equitable distribution even though they were purchased with marital assets.