When he is not representing municipal, individual and business clients, one of Kevin McAllister’s favorite after-hours pursuits is travel.

In September of 2019, Kevin spent three weeks travelling in parts of Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France, … all by train. His life-long passion for traveling began with his junior year in college, when he was an exchange student in Vienna, Austria.

Among the highlights of his most recent trip was experiencing the confluence of the multiple cultures that dominate the Switzerland experience, including its extensive German, French and Italian influences.

“It was a fascinating experience to observe the blending of each culture’s traditions, architecture, language, art and, of course, food in one country,” Kevin said. He especially enjoyed the spectacular scenery and the many warm and friendly people he encountered in each of the four countries he visited.

Now, looking back on that trip, while we are still in the midst of the pandemic, Kevin is especially glad that he was able to fulfill one of his dream travel trips. He hopes that the time comes soon when he and everyone else who is inclined to travel is safely able to do so. His next dream destinations would include Spain, Portugal and Ireland, … for starters.

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clavin January 15, 2021 No Comments BSK Insights